College In Kind Donation Fundraiser – Characteristics of a Good Team Leader

Any type of effort or endeavor should have a head organizer or a leader. The leader is the one in charged of making sure every part of the plan is in effect and that everything is taking place according to plan. The same goes for the college fundraiser activities. In a college fund raiser, it is important that the organization or team holding the event choose their team leader or head wisely since he or she will bear all the responsibilities on their shoulders.

Team leaders in university fundraisers are common companies that give in-kind donations since most of these activities are organizations by groups and teams such as sororities, fraternities, athletic teams, and other similar clubs and societies. The success of the college fundraising activities will partly rely on the skills and the ability of the effort’s leader.

So how does one know who has what it takes to become the leader or head of university fundraisers? Here are some of the important characteristics of a leader that can make all types of college fundraising ideas a complete success:

Be Concerned

The leader of any college fundraising activity must first and foremost be interested and concerned with the cause the organization is supporting. This is essential in all types of fundraisers, and not just for the team leaders. Remember that everyone in the fundraising team should be interested about the cause the organization is advocating and supporting.

So, needless to say, the team leader of the endeavor should be the most interested, informed, and concerned with the cause. The students and the potential donors will be able to detect disinterest or indifference, and this could be such a huge turn off for them. After all, why should they donate if the head of the college fundraising activity does not look as if he or she cares? If the team leader cares about the cause, they will also care about the success of the college fundraising activity.

Be Informed

Besides concern, the team leader should also be learned and informed about the cause. This would not be a problem if the college fundraising ideas used for the effort are intended to generate funds for local needs, such as the collection of funds for a sports team or for the school. But if the college fundraising activity is for a cause not related to the university – for charity, for relief assistance, for various causes – the team leader must be knowledgeable.

Students, faculty, and potential donors will ask go directly to the team leader to clarify or ask a number of things about the fundraiser and its subsequent beneficiary. How will they be convinced to donate if the leader does not know anything about the cause? It will seem as if the leader and the college fundraising activity are not serious. This apparent insincerity and indifference is a large reason for potential donors to turn away.

The team leader of the college fundraiser serves as the group’s representative. Hence, the team leader should be capable in order to make others believe in the group’s cause as well. So think carefully when choosing your fundraiser leader.